Xpress Delivery Service LLC is a local courier service who specializes in the delivery of prescription drugs for Independent pharmacies in MI. We also deliver medical supplies and equipment with the potential to deliver auto parts, important documents, groceries, beverage items and many other things.

With 14 years of pharmacy contracted delivery experience however, we have come to discover that this service is of great benefit to the aging population, disabled and chronically ill residents.There are many who fall under this category that are immobile and have a challenging time relying on family or friends to transport them to pick up their medication. In most senior citizen apartment complexes over half the residents have been prescribed prescription drugs by a doctor. Because of this large population and our desire to be a meaningful and profitable business with a greater presence in the Metro Detroit Area we endeavor to meet the needs of this population and provide jobs to licensed, insured drivers.

Recently, Xpress developed a plan to include script pick up from residents, deliver to the pharmacy of their choice and deliver filled prescription(s) back to residents for a small fee. We at Xpress understand the importance of people having and taking their prescribed medicine on time. For this reason, we offer same day delivery.