Why Xpress Delivery Service for your logistics needs?
We are first and foremost a courier service. This means we pickup exactly when you make the package available and drop it off as soon as possible, with no delays whatsoever. Our driver will only be delivering your package. Whether via automobile, cargo van, box truck or semi tractor-trailer, we are capable of delivering your load on time and on a emergency basis. Logistics isn’t just for scheduled deliveries in the 21st century.

To accomplish your logistics needs, we offer the following price schedule (please note deliveries over 1000 miles will be discounted to save you money):

Automoble – $1 per mile

Cargo Van – $3 per mile

Box Truck- $7.50 per mile

Semi Tractor-Trailer – $10 per mile

Repeat business gets a flat 25% discount off list prices.

We value your business.  Please choose us for your logistics needs.